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Why pay someone almost $300 to do a Residential* Oil Tank Search using a Metal Detector. We will do it for $250 and if the metal detector is inconclusive because: 1. the concrete drive, patio, or walkway has metal enforcement, or 2. more than 1 large piece of metal was found at the property, or 3. a set of old oil lines were found....

...then for $450 NSIS Premium Service will get you conclusive results using some or all of the specialized tools shown below.

Tools shown include: GPR, Metal Detector, RF Line Locator, Magnetic Field Detector, & Conductivity Device

metal detector
nsis tools

Don't let the home inspector's report "kill your deal!"
Don't waste time or money digging up your yard!
Don't lose sleep wondering if the contractor you hired or recommended will do a good job!
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Residential* Oil Tank Searches

All residential and commercial searches and reports are completed by an engineer.


We Offer:


1.    No conflict of Interest. We only look for tanks or utility lines. We are not an environmental cleanup company.


2.    More conclusive tank search findings. Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and magnetic field detection devices work where metal detectors cannot. And if we do find a big piece of metal in the yard, we can scrutinize it right then and there with our GPR and other sc anning tools that we have with us when we arrive at your site.


3.    Quick service. We can scan the subject property and get you the report in several days. Or for a small extra fee**, we’ll get you the report within 24 hours. Also, by coming directly to NSIS, you will save time in the cases where another contractor using only a metal detector finds a large piece of metal and then recommends that you either: i) dig up your yard to find out what the object is; or ii) hire someone with a GPR to see if it’s a tank.



4.    A Limited Guarantee.*** NSIS must be able to walk over the top of the areas scanned at the property. If an intact tank is later found under: i) unobstructed areas scanned by NSIS or ii) areas not subject to metallic interference, then NSIS will pay up to $10,000 to have the tank removed.

5.    Almost 25 Years of Tank Locating Experience, using the GPR. And an additional 10 years of prior environmental consulting experience within the State of New Jersey. Don’t forget to ask other companies offering Tank Search services, “Do you have a GPR? And if they have a GPR, “How many years of experience does the person you will send (to do the search) have using a GPR?


6.    Certificates of Insurance. We are fully insured, with Liability, Errors & Omissions, Pollution, and Workers Compensation insurance. Upon Request, we will provide you a Certificate of Insurance directly from our insurance agent.


7.    We can also scan the entire property, or larger residential and commercial properties for tanks & utility lines. Call for pricing.



1.    * = A residential tank search consists of scanning approximately 1 / 3 of an acre OR for large pieces of property, within 30 feet of the perimeter of the residence. The scanning is done outside the footprint of the residence, other structures, obstructions, and objects causing metallic interference.

2.    ** = For an additional fee of $50, you will get the written report within 24 hours.

3.    *** = If the tank is intact (has not been cut and filled, a.k.a., abandoned in-place), then subject to your site’s restraints (surficial obstructions and interfering metallic objects) and our equipment’s limitations (the depth that the scanning equipment signals can reach down into the earth at your site), NSIS will pay to remove the tank. Your site’s restraints and our equipment’s limitations are stated in the report you receive.

In cases
where NSIS is asked to attempt to locate an underground storage tank under the footprint of a building, NSIS may be able to confirm the location of a tank or identify a potential tank location, BUT NSIS cannot and will not be able to say that no tanks are present under the footprint of any building(s) at the site.

NSIS Residential Tank Sweep Includes:
1.  An inspection of the residence’s exterior, interior Utility Area, and if need be an accessible crawlspace for any “readily apparent” (obvious) evidence of a former Underground Storage Tank (UST) System.

2.  A Radio Frequency (RF) line trace of any old fuel oil or vent lines found during the inspection.

3.  Metal detector scan of the property outside the footprint of the house, other structures, obstructions, and interfering metal objects at the site.

4.  IF a suspect location [Anomaly of Interest] such as i.) a fuel oil or vent line is traced to a spot OR ii.) a medium to large metallic anomaly is found, THEN:

5.  The suspect location will be further scanned (scrutinized) with the GPR, magnetic field detector, and /or the conductivity device to determine if the Anomaly of Interest is a tank, a potential tank, a location where the environmental condition of the earth could be tested, or nothing to worry about.

6.  Finally, we write an expert report that includes photos, sketches, a table listing the particulars of any Anomalies of Interest, and a description of the geophysical methods used and conclusion that a can be used to satisfy attorneys, insurance companies, banks, and future potential property buyers.
In addition to residential properties, we also look for Tanks & Utility lines at:

• 1. Gas stations;

• 2. Small commercial properties;

• 3. Large commercial sites;

• 4. Strip malls & shopping centers;

• 5. Vacant land & farms;

• 6. Universities, Schools, Houses of Worship;

• 7. Petroleum depots, Refineries, Power Plants;

• 8. Cemeteries (for burials);
to name a few.

NSIS Office: 732-921-1399 

Email: nsisgrantg@gmail.com

NSIS Presentation
Showing how and what we do.  

NSIS Presentation...Showing how and what we do.  


"I was nervous buying my first house, hearing many stories about the potential financial costs of an underground oil tank didn't make things better.  The Sellers had a report stating a sweep was done of the property that didn't find any tank, but couldn't conclusively state whether a tank existed, I became very worried.

I contacted Grant from NSIS and he was able to explain how he would search the property for a tank and how the technology worked.  He was very prompt and thorough and ended up finding a tank that the previous company had missed.  I highly recommend going with Grant to ease your concerns about finding an underground tank on your property."

Dan M. of Montclair, NJ

Richard and his wife paid the1st tank locating contractor they hired $240 for inconclusive results. Then they hired NSIS. We used four (4) different scanning devices to determine that there actually wasn't a tank.

Here is what Richard had to say.

"I had an oil tank sweep inspection performed by NSIS at a new house I am buying In Shark River Hills NJ. Grant Gikas was on time and very professional. He took his time and made sure everything was taken care of. I would highly recommend NSIS."

Richard A. of Holmdel, NJ 9/2017

Office: 732-921-1399  Email: nsisgrantg@gmail.com